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June 9th, 2009

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009 03:09 pm
So last night I went to take the bus home from the contra dance, kind of early because I had to proctor an exam this morning. I was about half a block away and across two streets and saw the bus and pretty much dismissed any possibility of catching it. But then it was just sitting there. And there was this woman crossing the street with me, also obviously trying to get the bus, so I started running in a hopeful matter. And then the bus pulled away.

(Another bus had pulled up in the meantime, so I think it was that there was supposed to be a connection there, which my bus was waiting for.)

And then a cab pulled over, as cabs often do when I wait for the bus at this place at night, so I waved him on, because, you know, I'm fine standing there waiting for the next bus. Much more fine than I am paying for a cab. But he kept insisting he would take me to catch the bus, it would be free, he was on his way home. So, he was insistent enough that I got in the cab and he did take me to catch the bus. A nice surprise!

Anyway, I just wanted to record that happy moment.