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Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 10:45 pm
+ I feel ready for my orals. I have a week and a half to refuse to learn math in case doing so makes me confused. Awesome!
+ Also I think my advisor and I roughly agree on what I should do after my orals.
? I'm confused about how that came about, actually. Maybe I mentioned it before, what I wanted to do? Because it's not some problem where the literature is all Someone Must Do This. I don't think.
+ On the other hand, it feels like a totally logical next step.
! But not if you're into n-categories. Like Jacob Lurie. If everywhere were Northwestern this would explain a lot, actually.
? But yes if you're into algebraic geometry, I think. Also like Jacob Lurie. Confused again.

- One of my sections this term makes me very sad. They should pretend to be interested in learning, because then I would be less sad.
- They need not even pretend to be that interested, really. Just as interested as the other freshmen would be fine.
+ The other section looks awesome by comparison.
- Except one of them sent me a two sentence email like this: "I'm having trouble with the homework. I understand we didn't go over it Monday because of MLK day, but I am having trouble" There was no period at the end so maybe he accidentally sent it too soon, but really, what am I supposed to do with that? I'm not even seeing them this week, as far as I know.
+ But another one came to office hours! And I got to show her about the adding-exponents rule. It is my favorite.
+ I was worried I would have to grade with the undergrad TA but she seems fine to do it by herself. And so motivated!
! I have new stickers. They are all colorful and smiley! Yay!

~ I think I might be high on sugar.
+ I get to sleep at night now. Even the cat thinks so.
+ David
+ Katie came for dinner yesterday and we played games and went to the dance and she made a magnet-gecko on my fridge.
- I should wash the dishes now.
- Also probably I should buy some math books.
+ rye bread I made
+ maybe Cedar will send me a different rye bread recipe?


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