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Tuesday, October 13th, 2009 07:46 pm
In something like chronological order.

- Why, why? Why, cat, will you not lie down in the bed when you obviously want to lie in the bed? Why must you keep getting in and out and waking me up?
- Spilling water on my toast because I was startled by David spilling water on the table.
- Trying to update worksheets in the 10 minutes before I left the house, but being too spastic/ flustered/ the math webmail sucking to much for me to even open half the files.

+ My bus came! I got on it!
(-) This was an event?
- Smashed my finger in the stall door in the bathroom. It still hurts now.
- Was still flustered when TAing. On the day when the instructor, whom I respect, was observing.
+ I can do calculus even when flustered.
+ I know the names of some of my students.
(-) Again with the "This is an event?"
+ I updated the worksheets at school! (This is so an event, because I had to use the command line (read, guess how to use it for this purpose, as I hadn't previously tried) to do so, which is scary like CS117.)
+ Women in Math lunch.
- Making lunch having been part of my hurry to leave the house and also unnecessary.
+ Someone knew a person who believed the phenomenon of math departments having tea each day was a sign mathematicians are good at social interactions, as opposed to a sign that some departmental secretary once realized they only leave their offices when promised food. And forget to eat, otherwise.
+ Paul said that the observing instructor liked my class. And that he was hard to please. Apparently I am allowed to put that in the "win" column.
+ Meeting with Paul was otherwise nice, in that I had learned something I could tell him about and liked thinking about.
- Yes, Paul, I should have said something earlier about wanting to change topics.
+ Maybe Beth found a place where I shall get married?
+ I bought stickers to put on the good quizzes.
+ Some of them are vegetables with smiley faces.
+ The quizzes were so easy to grade. The rubric was so nice.

+ Eating my lunch for dinner.
+ cat


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