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Thursday, September 24th, 2009 04:23 pm
Ironic how the receptionist at this vet this morning was complaining about the poor service at the other Chicago vet I've liked at all.

Ironic because this vet has been a horrible experience, service-wise, today. So much so that although I feel like they're probably the most reasonable/ competent of the vets I've been to in Chicago (sadly, 4) excepting eye Care For Animals (not a good all-purpose vet!) I'm definitely not going back.

Just because the front desk is staffed by people who suck ass at their jobs.

Really, you think it's reasonable to expect me to sit in your waiting room with a crying cat for forty minutes while you try to get (around to getting) my information? When it's abundantly clear that the vet and his assistants are not that busy-- the woman who was here before me? Has gone in and back out. The guy with a sheaf of papers he probably printed at the library and insists he needs to show the vet because they're an important discovery? Has gone in to see the vet. Yeah, fuck you, assholes.

And you told me to call this afternoon at 3:30 to see if you're done administering tests to my cat, who I left there at 10 am. I called at 3:30, and you said the vet was on the other line and would call me back. I called back at 4 and he was "with a patient". Supposedly, he was going to call me back (yeah, again). Do you need me to come in claiming my math homework is an important veterinary discovery? I guess so.

Hate hate hate.


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