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December 4th, 2009

Friday, December 4th, 2009 12:01 am
+ snow
- failed cooking experiment? I guess I won't know until morning.
- still SO CONFUSED about math. And ready to move on to a new article, I think it's been at least a month.
- students who suddenly realize they don't understand math and expect me to be constantly checking my email and available to meet with them in the two hours they're apparently free. IT IS READING WEEK. Am I wrong to assume that they have lots of unstructured time this week? Things to do, yes, but they could Do Those Things at unreasonable hours and Meet With Me when I'm at school. Right? This has been true in all other terms. I'm so confused... (apparently a theme?)
+ wrote a proposal for my orals. in case you wondered what I learned at school this term, with a side of what I intend to learn next term... )

+ David and I had breakfast with my mom and aunt this morning. It was gingerbread and apple crisp. Yay dessert-breakfast!
+ cookies at Sarah's tomorrow. Yes, I am prioritizing this over meeting with students. Clearly I do not care whether they learn math and am a bad TA. But good at cookies!
? I have some invitations to the Google Wave. (It gets a definite article because it is suspicious and new! That is a rule of grammar.) Do you want one?