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July 20th, 2009

Monday, July 20th, 2009 06:16 pm
I haven't updated in a month. Maybe I should?

+ I seem to be better at actually sitting down to work, since I came back from vacation.
- I think Paul expected me to be doing work at some point since we last met but before Friday.
+ This means he has given me a detailed list of things to learn! I love detailed lists.
~ I got up this morning to meet with other students,but found out when I got to school that the meeting had been delayed until tomorrow. But this did put me at school doing work.

+ I made raspberry jam.
+ I returned my backpack to a state of functioning, though something should still be done about the bits that are fraying and trying to clog up the zipper.
+ I went to contact improv for the first time in weeks. Lying around on the floor is fun!
- I have a cold. Which was probably not helped by going swimming on Saturday.
+ Cat had people over to watch movies, which was fun except for Benjamin's disappointing lack of embarrassment/ awkwardness when faced with sex in movies. And I guess maybe David's, as well, though I personally wasn't expecting that.
+ It's been such a lovely temperate summer so far. It really helps me not feel a need to move to Oregon. This is convenient.

Oh, also
+ DC! It was lovely visiting those of you who I saw there, maybe next time I will be less lazy with the contacting-people-and-making-plans.
+ Sarah lives here now!