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May 26th, 2009

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 07:23 pm
Also I'm not sure how it would be used for marketing. Phew!

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In chronological order:

one duplex in Shorewood, WI (aka Milwaukee)
two houses in Shorewood
one house in Worthington, OH (aka Columbus)
two houses in Shorewood
one dorm room in Northfield, MN
two rooms in college houses in Northfield
one dorm room in LaCrosse, WI
one room in a college house in Northfield
one dorm room in Corvallis, OR
one homestay in an apartment in Budapest, Hungary
one dorm room in Northfield
two apartments in Chicago, IL

to prove I can count:
5 places in Shorewood
1 in Ohio
5 in Northfield
1 in Lacrosse
1 in Corvallis
1 in Hungary
2 in Chicago

Well, so I can count to five. Go me!

Least favorite is clear: the only things Ohio had in its favor were a particular ice cream shop and these woods near our house. The woods were less awesome than the Arb, and the ice cream shop less good than any random custard shop, as long as you don't count Culver's. And it was a freakily new house. (It was probably not that new, actually, but freakily new for my family.)

Favorite is hard. I'd like to move back to Corvallis, though not the dorm room and probably I would dislike the failure to have a proper winter. I liked living in Greenhouse, though better when Dana was there to be responsible. And Northfield and college were wonderful. I liked Hungary, and I like where I'm living now, quite a lot. I liked a couple of houses in which I grew up, though I admit I'm not so keen on Milwaukee.

I shall go for a tie between Greenhouse and my nice quiet studio apartment.