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March 5th, 2009

Thursday, March 5th, 2009 10:52 pm
+ I gave a talk in the pre-Talbot-workshop seminar where we all try to obtain a clue as to what this workshop we're going to over Spring Break deals with. Except for those of us who have a clue and are just humoring the others. And those of us who are just first-years who like learning way too much. (Guess which camp I fall into here! Also, why am I so bitter and old?)Read more... )
+ Snow is a good present, this time of year.
+ But so is warm weather.
+ Singing tomorrow, and dinner with Katie.
~ Madison Saturday to see this guy. Who I should stop seeing in a romantic sense, I'm afraid. Read more... )
+ Ahahaha, I think I gave my awkward situation to Mike. Hilarious.
- Kind of sick.
- Yesterday I carried 40 pounds of cat litter home from the grocery store. So heavy! Especially on the stairs, of course.
+ Chocolate coconut ice cream.
+ I got an invitation to a radical faerie event in the mail, and it makes me happy. Both because it makes me feel like Kale likes me (which I knew, guys, I totally knew that but I forget) and because it's funny. It says things like Read more... )
+ There was something else... oh! Rachel Ries now has on her myspace page that song I keep trying to memorize when she sings it at concerts. Awesome! It is "for grandma, untitled".

I guess I feel talkative today.