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February 12th, 2009

Thursday, February 12th, 2009 11:16 pm
I have some cookies? I may now have eaten enough so I don't want more tonight. I wasn't sure whether that was a possibility, but I think now that it is.

They're good! Great-great grandma's icebox cookies )

I want Katie to call because I want to have dinner with her tomorrow but I think maybe she has a busy life, by which I mean she's probably living in the math office again, barring karate.

Today I learned about parametric surfaces like 10 minutes before class. (That I was teaching, where one of the sections was on parametric surfaces.) Not ideal. Also I haven't done anything at all for my reading course, which is extra bad since Agn├Ęs has decided all this is too formal and nonsensical and she's not going to want to pick up my slack. Guess I should get on that.

But I was sick! I could not think! But now I can, of course, I just don't really want to. Or am out of the habit, is probably more accurate, or anyway less sad.

This year at the cajun dancing activity at folk fest I had the one crazy good dance (you know, the one where someone asks you to dance and it turns out they totally know what they're doing and you're following so it's as if you also know what you're doing, except you can later figure out how approximately none of it happened) with a woman I know from contact improv instead of with an older gentleman like last year. So that was surprising, except I had already a suspicion she was related to the people who'd been instructing. It was also less terrifying, because I was less worried that I would fail at doing the correct dance and she would be annoyed. We'd danced together before! Just not like that.

Also at folk fest I had the surreal experience of standing there in the contra line waiting for the caller to start talking, actually holding hands with my partner I think, and this kid walking up to us and asking us if either of us wanted to dance. We were confused. It was confusing. It later turned out the kid was 16 and from Rome, and I felt this had explanatory power. Combined with us both reading as women, I suppose.